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Reusable Wine Bottle Stoppers (100)

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(CL522) Our Reusable Wine Bottle Stoppers are made of polyethylene and are reusable. This stopper fits regular cork-finished wine bottles. They are simple to use; just push in by hand and the wafer ribs along the plug portion of the stopper act as walls when inserted into the bottle, creating a series of air tight chambers in the neck of the bottle. These chambers create layers of safety keeping your wine protected from oxidation while still being easy to inert and remove.

Q Jerry (Metairie, LA)
Do the plastic stoppers, such as your Reusable Wine Bottle Stoppers, have any disadvantages for bottling wine other than being nontraditional? I like the idea of hand insertion/removal but are there any problems associated with them?
The only disadvantages are that the wine has to be upright and they do not preserve the wine as long as a traditional straight cork. The wine should last at least two years with these stoppers.

Customer Reviews

"Love it" Review by oldgriz (Posted on 3/28/14)

I like to have several different bottles open at the same time. Over several days. With these corks it is very easy to have a glass of one kind today and a different one tomorrow.

"Love them" Review by Bear (Posted on 11/19/13)

These are the best. We prefer these over corks..........only one trouble, when we give a bottle of our homemade wine away we never get the cork back, they use it for any wine they buy.

"Well-received product." Review by Norm (Posted on 11/17/13)

This is my second order of this style stopper. Those who have received a bottle with it have been quite impressed. Has gone over quite well. Caution, though: don't leave a bottle in direct sunshine. The heat has a tendency to cause the stopper to "elevate" somewhat!

"reusable wine corks" Review by Nancy (Posted on 5/9/13)

Love that they can be reused.

"excellent" Review by thomjud (Posted on 4/24/13)

very good product, inexpensive and very easy to use - also reuseable

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