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Root Beer Flavoring

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(POP110) By Zartarains, makers of Root Beer flavorings for over 100 years. Each bottle makes five gallons of old fashion Root Beer. It's easy to make. Just mix a bottle of your favorite extract with water, sugar and a champagne type yeast. Bottle the mix into beer bottles or any other bottle designed to hold pressure. Then allow to bottle condition for 2 weeks. Comes with complete directions.
Q Jeffrey (Preston, ID)
Does rootbeer have to be fermented?
No, you do not ferment rootbeer. You mix it with sugar, water, and yeast and bottle it. A slight amount of fermentation will occur in the bottle to cause carbonation, but no alcohol will be produced.

Customer Reviews

"DH" Review by Chuck (Posted on 11/9/12)

I have DH, and cannot brew beer (due to the gluten), but I can brew up some fine root beer using this extract. I'm glad you carry it.

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