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Snap in Screen Set

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Snap in Screen Set


(FN192) These nylon mesh screens will snap into either our 10 inch or 8 inch funnels. Perfect for straining out pulp and seeds that want to straggle along while siphoning or pouring. This set comes with 3 different screens: Coarse (14 Mesh), Medium (20 Mesh) or Fine (35 Mesh). NOTE: Mesh refers to the number of squares the screen has along the length of an inch.


Customer Reviews

"not fitting " Review by david (Posted on 10/31/13)

One out 3 screens fit the funnel. funnel should have adapter to fit small jug neck openings.

"Works great" Review by Den (Posted on 9/14/12)

I had 1 of these but decided to get the set so I could have the different sizes. They are working fine.

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