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Curved Racking Cane: 27" Long / Stainless Steel / 3/8" Tubing

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[RK527] 27 inches tall. Tall enough for 6 to 15 gallon size containers. Profesional winery quality. Made of stainless steel. Has a curve on the top end to eliminate worries about crimping hoses. The delicate curve of the siphon tube also allows you to transfer liquids faster by maintaining the inner diameter of the tube, creating less turbulence during siphoning. The tube is closed on the bottom by a cap that diverts the suction away from the bottom. This helps to eliminate drawing any sediment while siphoning. Our 3/8 Inch Vinyl Hose can be attached to the top end for easy siphoning.


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"OK" Review by monte (Posted on 12/5/12)

Great for the stainless steel but I was not impressed with the construction for the fastening of the cap at the bottom of the tube. It seems flimsy to me.

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