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Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher

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(FP130) This Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher is a monster. It can tear through any type of fruit in very little time including apples, elderberries, grapes, pears and more. It doesn’t matter; just lay the cross arms across an open container. Put the fruit in the hopper and start cranking. That’s it! Within minutes you’ll have a barrel full of crushed and chopped fruit, ready for making wine. Perfect for some doing 50, 100 or even 200 gallons of wine at a time.

The impressive design of this Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher allows you to crank through a lot of fruit with very little effort. It uses a series of rotating and stationary knives within the hopper to rip through any fruit thrown its way. Even apples are no match for this machine. At the bottom of the hopper are two oversized rollers that actually do the crushing. Their larger and rounder shape help minimize any resistance from the fruit.

Specs: This crusher can handle 1,850 pounds of fruit per hour and measures 20” x 24” at the top and 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” at the bottom. The two cross arms are 47” in length for suspending over open containers. Within the hopper are 10 sharp stainless steel knives that rotate and crop up larger fruit. The crusher features two oversized, aluminum rollers for minimizing resistance. Each roller is 3-3/4” in diameter and 8-3/4” long. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted, giving you complete control over how much to crush. The cranking wheel is 17” in diameter so you can have maximum leverage.


Q Wallace (Philadelphia, PA)
When using the Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher, how does it catch the pulp and juice?
This product should be suspended above a food grade bucket or similar to catch the pulp.

Q Amanda (Bllomville, NY)
Do the knives come out of the unit for cleaning? And does it come with any instructions?
No, the knives do not come out. Unfortunately this item does not come with any instructions. However, it is simple to use.

Q Ralph (Locust Grove, GA)
Would this be the proper unit for blueberries, pears, peaches, and grapes?
Yes, with its stainless steel knives, this fruit crusher can be used on any type of fruit.

Q Shannon (Cape Coral, FL)
What is the size and weight of the Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher?
It comes in two different boxes. The box the legs come in is 47" long, 19.5" wide and 5.5" deep. The crusher box is 36" long, 25.5" wide, and 14.5" deep. The total weight of the two boxes is 52 pounds.

Q Bob (Phippsburg, CO)
I noticed that the fruit crusher ad addresses wine making for the most part. I`m looking for a crusher to be used for making apple juice/cider primarily. Do you recommend this crusher for this application?
Yes, the fruit crusher will work for preparing apples for pressing into juice/cider.

Q David (Rio Rancho, NM)
I am wondering if the gears are plastic or metal?
The gears are nylon.

Q Josh (Altamont, TN)
How far apart can the rollers be adjusted? Do fruits with stones, such as peaches, need to be pitted first?
The rollers can be adjusted to approximately 1/4" apart. As for fruits with large stones such as peaches, they do have to be pitted first. If they are not pitted first, the crusher will crush the pits causing a bitterness in the must.

Q Jesse (Amherst, OH)
Can this crusher be motorized?
Yes, you can set up a slow pully motor with this crusher.

Customer Reviews

"Great crusher" Review by Jeremy (Posted on 2/16/15)

Got this last year and happy i did. It's solidly built and had not trouble shredding and crushing our apple and pears. i plan on running my grapes though it this year. Well worth the money

"FP130" Review by ceramicbrad (Posted on 9/8/14)

I used this fruit crusher will crush 10 bushels apples(400 lbs) in one day. From start to finish it took 10 hours. I pressed the crushed apples for juice after each crush. I then motorized the unit and had to shim the pulley shaft for a 3/4" bore pulley because the shaft is only .70 inch diameter. Running with electric motor did not speed up the process but did make crushing easier. Soft apples feed better, and slicing them in thirds helps feed, otherwise they roll to the back knives and get stuck. I adjusted the rollers(which really are designed for grapes) so that the apple slices would feed better when using electric motor pulley system. I obtain about 1.5 gallons of juice from 1 bushel of apples. This is not as good as other crushers(they cut it up finer but do not have rollers) and they get about 2 gallons per bushel. I have used this unit for two seasons and it is sturdy. Have not tried it on grapes yet....but you would have to remove stems first. Since I do larger quantities(for a home user), I will purchase a larger motorized unit.

"worth it!" Review by Andy (Posted on 10/4/12)

It arrived yesterday, assembled in a few minutes, and about 3 hours later I had crushed about 400 lbs of apples, .
the sizes of the pieces were much smaller than my other crusher, and the pulp produced more juice, & easy clean up!

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