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Steam Freak Malt Extract: Munich / 3.3 lbs.

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This malt extract has exceptionally malty flavors and some biscuity notes. With its richness and its amber color, this extract is a great choice for brewing some of the most popular beer styles out there. Commonly used in Oktoberfest beers and Bocks.

Ingredients: 50% Base Malt and 50% Munich Malt.

Color 8° Lovibond

  • Steam Freak pure flavored malt extracts are produced in the U.S.A.

  • Each Steam Freak contains 3.3 pounds of fresh and pure unhopped malt extract.

  • With endless possibilities, these unhopped malt extract flavors can be used to create both traditional and unique styles of beer.

  • Can be used in both all-extract and partial-mash beer recipes. The choices are endless.

  • Steam Freak can even be used when making all-grain beers to adjust gravity, color and flavor.

  • Steam Freak are produced under the hightest quality control giving you maximum color and freshness available to today's homebrewer.

  • Now homebrewers can get an "all-grain" flavor from an "all-extract" brew.

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