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Steam Freak Malt Extract: Wheat / 3.3 lbs.

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This malt extract syrup contains a nice, even, malty character. It can be used to produce any style of wheat beer. It can also be used for increasing the body and head retention of other styles of beers.

Ingredients: Wheat Malt and Base Malt.

Color 3° Lovibond

  • Steam Freak pure flavored malt extracts are produced in the U.S.A.

  • Each Steam Freak contains 3.3 pounds of fresh and pure unhopped malt extract.

  • With endless possibilities, these unhopped malt extract flavors can be used to create both traditional and unique styles of beer.

  • Can be used in both all-extract and partial-mash beer recipes. The choices are endless.

  • Steam Freak can even be used when making all-grain beers to adjust gravity, color and flavor.

  • Steam Freak are produced under the hightest quality control giving you maximum color and freshness available to today's homebrewer.

  • Now homebrewers can get an "all-grain" flavor from an "all-extract" brew.

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