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SunCal Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon

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[SC102] (Cab-air-nay So-veen-yawN) This is a California version of a classic from the Bordeaux region of France. It has a very identifiable aroma that is slightly spicy, but mostly brings to mind currants and grapes. It possess a deep ruby color with a slight silky radiance. Its flavors vary widely and are complex, but primarily are of berry to chocolate with a noticeable hint of mixed, fresh herbs. All of the flavors are brought together with an ever-present velvety texture. Use one 46 fl. oz. can to 5 gallons for a full flavored wine (25 bottles). Comes with complete directions. Also calls for: Campden TabletsAcid Blend, Yeast Nutrient, Tannin, and Yeast. (not included)

DIRECTIONS: To see the directions that are provided with the Sun Cal concentrated grape juices Click Here.

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Customer Reviews

"Very Good but..." Review by RebLyn (Posted on 10/30/15)

Started on 7/17/15. I made this and followed the directions to a T. The flavor is very good, however I like a big bold hearty red cab and adding the 13 cans of water REALLY watered it down too much for my taste. Next time I would probably cut the water back to maybe 7-8 cans, maybe less ?? and adjust accordingly for other ingredients. It's still young and I have about 3 gallons of it aging with some french oak chips (bought from eckraus) so I'm anxious to see how it ages. My husband likes it now so he will help drink up what is not aging.

"Excelent table wine" Review by coconutdoc (Posted on 4/4/14)

SunCal Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon is my 'table wine' for daily use. I have made 40 batches of 5- 15 gals each since 2005. I use additives as per directions on the can, except the sugar. I start with an OSG of 1.100 -1.110 for about a 14% alcohol wine which takes about 10-14 days to ferment completely with 1 packet of Lalvin EC-1118 and 1 of D-47. (.990 SG) Occasionally for a stronger wine I add enough sugar on day 8 or 9, as the must approaches 1.000, to raise it 20-30 points! This will produce 17 -18% wine! Once in a while the 30 point increase will quit before it gets dry leaving a semi-sweet wine of about 1.105 -1.112. Most people do not mind the slight sweetness because of the high alcohol. However you prefer it, it makes an excellent table wine!

"Very drinkable table wine" Review by kkfarmgirl (Posted on 6/3/12)

This wine is a good drinking red wine, although not the dry, robust wine we Cab drinkers crave. I plan to use it this summer for Sangria. Yes, I will make it again!

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