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SunCal Vineyards

Sun Cal Vineyards wine making juices features a robust taste with the highest quality wine making juices available on the market. Offering many varieties to choose from Lambrusco, Merlot, California Red, or a California Chablis just to name a few from Sun Cal Vineyards. So in no time at all you could be enjoying your very own tasty wine from Sun Cal Vineyard's juices.

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  1. SunCal Vineyards: Merlot

    SunCal Vineyards: Merlot

    • A deep red, early maturing wine.
    • Essence is very full and noticeable of currants and berries.
    • The flavors are velvety, rich and slightly smokey.
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    Price: $42.98 As low as: $38.68
  2. SunCal Vineyards: Pinot Noir

    SunCal Vineyards: Pinot Noir

    • A remarkably dark red, slightly purple wine.
    • A flowery bouquet with a complex fruitiness.
    • Rich flavors that range from wild cherry to smoky plums.
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    Price: $44.45 As low as: $40.01
  3. SunCal Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon

    SunCal Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon

    • A deep ruby red wine with a slight silky radiance.
    • Aroma that is slightly spicy, but mostly currants and grapes.
    • Complex flavors of berries to chocolate, hint of fresh herbs.
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    Price: $43.91 As low as: $39.52
  4. SunCal Vineyards: Lambrusco

    SunCal Vineyards: Lambrusco

    • A red wine that is deep ruby to purple in color.
    • Aroma is intensely fresh and fragrant.
    • Its flavor is well balanced, slightly tangy, but mostly fruity.
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    Price: $39.95 As low as: $35.96
  5. SunCal Vineyards: White Zinfandel

    SunCal Vineyards: White Zinfandel

    • A white wine with a very glassy, light pink color.
    • Its aroma is mildly fruity and delicately sweet.
    • Elegant fruity flavors with a berry character.
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    Price: $39.65 As low as: $35.69
  6. SunCal Vineyards: California Red

    SunCal Vineyards: California Red

    • A very well rounded, fruity blend of red grapes.
    • Pleasant aroma that is fruity and mild.
    • It has some hints of herbs, but is mostly fruity flavor.
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    Price: $41.38 As low as: $37.24
  7. SunCal Vineyards: Pinot Chardonnay

    SunCal Vineyards: Pinot Chardonnay

    • A elegant white wine that's become an American classic.
    • Its aroma is citrus and complex.
    • Intense flavors of crisp fruity peaches to deep earthy tones.
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  8. SunCal Vineyards: Chianti

    SunCal Vineyards: Chianti

    • A brilliant, well-balanced red wine with nice earthy tones.
    • Has a slightly tangy and deep, fruity character.
    • The aroma is sweet and fruity.
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    Price: $43.97 As low as: $39.57
  9. SunCal Vineyards: California Burgundy

    SunCal Vineyards: California Burgundy

    • A velvety red table wine. Has noticeable deep earthy tones.
    • Its aroma is very floral and slightly smokey.
    • Crisp berries with soft plum and currant flavors.
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    Price: $41.95 As low as: $37.75
  10. SunCal Vineyards: Liebfraumilch

    SunCal Vineyards: Liebfraumilch

    • A German style white wine with a pale-straw color.
    • Has a citrus aroma with some floral and herbal notes.
    • Very soft, fruity flavors from pineapple to peach.
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    Price: $38.17 As low as: $34.35

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