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Wyeast Liquid Wine Yeast: Extreme Fermentation (Eau De Vie)

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[WY640] Vintner's Choice liquid yeast strains have been extracted from notable locations from around the world. Each heavy-foil pouch of yeast is adequate for starting a vigorous fermentation in up to 6 gallons of must. You can open the foil pouch and pitch the liquid yeast directly into the must, or you can pre-start the yeast within the foil pouch by bursting the nutrient smash-pack that is contained within. Each 125ml pouch comes with complete directions.

[3347] EAU DE VIE:
A very good choice for producing high alcohol wines. Also, effective in rescuing stuck fermentations. Very clean flavor and aroma.


Customer Reviews

"Good yeast" Review by Emmette (Posted on 7/16/15)

Faster initial fermentation as compared to powdered yeast but then almost stopped after about 6 days. Not exactly what I had expected.

"Wildcat" Review by Bob (Posted on 11/16/13)

The yeast didn't work as well as I thought it should,but then I guess I like to see action when I am brewing.Still it is coming along

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