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White Wheat Malt: Briess / 1 lb.

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[GN159] This malted wheat can be used as a base malt in any wheat beer recipe or in smaller amounts in other styles of beer. It has a milder wheat character than its cousin, Red Wheat Malt. While the wheat flavors are still fully detectable, they are somewhat subdued by layered flavors of bread and dough. Some of the more common beer styles you might find White Wheat Malt being used in are: Weiss beir, Weizenbier, Hefeweizen, Koelsch or any Belgian Ale, although there are many other possibilities. White Wheat Malt can also be used in smaller amounts in any homebrew recipe to increase the beers head retention. In a 5 gallon beer recipe, 1/2 to 1 pound of White Wheat Malt is sufficient for this purpose. As an added note, if your homebrew recipe is made up of more than 40% White Wheat Malt, it is suggest that Rice Husk be used in the mash to facilitate better efficiency during lautering.

  • Grain Type: Wheat / Base
  • Approximate Lovibonds: 2.5°
  • Origin: United States

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