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Barrel Maintenance

Keep your home winemaking barrels clean and in great condition with our selection of barrel maintenance items. We offer two options to sanitize your barrel, including sulphur strips and a barrel sterilizing kit that contains citric acid and sodium bisulfite. Within our broad selection of wine equipment, E.C. Kraus also offers barrolkleen, which is a solution for cleaning and improving the condition of your barrel, and a paraffin wax barrel sealer you can use to fix leaks in your barrel. Order these items to keep your home winemaking barrels in proper working condition.

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  1. Barrolkleen


    • Brings used barrels back to a sweet condition.
    • Designed specifically for cleaning wooden barrels.
    • Sufficient for 5 gallons of solution.
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    Price: $9.50 As low as: $7.60
  2. Barrel Sealer

    Barrel Sealer

    • Used for sealing cracks and leaks in barrels.
    • Very easy and quick to use.
    • Extremely pliable and very effective.
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    Price: $14.25

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  3. Barrel Sterilizing Kit

    Barrel Sterilizing Kit

    • Used to sanitize wine barrels.
    • Includes 6 oz of Citric Acid and 8 oz of Sodium Bisulfite.
    • Enough to make 30 gallons of solution.
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    Price: $13.65
  4. Sulphur Strips

    Sulphur Strips

    • Used for sanitizing the inside of a wooden barrel.
    • They are coated with 100% pure no-drip sulfur.
    • 25 strips per package.
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    Price: $13.95

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