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Our Ultimate Wine and Food Pairing Guide

Our brand new wine pairing infographic is a great tool for beginners to use when pairing their favorite wine with food. Follow the color coded dots and you'll learn exactly which type of red or white wine pairs best with cheese, poultry, sweets and more.


Let’s look a bit closer at some wine pairings specifics.



  • Dry – These wines are noted for their distinct crisp flavors. Oftentimes, they will feature tastes that compliment their specific properties, such as citrus fruit, apple, pear, or even mineral, making for a light, clean taste. Options such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc pair quite well with vegetable-based dishes and all types of seafood. 
  • Sweet – Sweet wines rival in taste with what they offer in aroma. Typically lighter in body, the lushness offered by a Riesling, or the flamboyant fruits present in a Moscato are well experienced with various sweets, as well as a number of cheeses.
  • Rich – Robust and full are words that come to mind when we discuss the rich white wines. Choices like Roussanne and Chardonnay make for a good pairing with seafood and white meat, like chicken.



  • Light – Introducing the light red wines. These iconic wines are known for their earthy flavors, but can feature a host of other properties. Pinot Noir is definitely the most popular of the light reds, though each pair perfectly with many different foods, including vegetables, seafood, and chicken. The nature of this wine makes it highly versatile, and a preferred favorite among those in the wine community.
  • Medium – Medium reds display their decadence in a few memorable varieties, including Merlot, and Zinfandel. The exuberant fruit flavors, often presented with a touch complexity, go great alongside the vast majority of food groups. Friendly enough in flavor to accompany vegetables and cheeses, while lively enough to pair well with red or white meats.
  • Bold – Dark grapes are responsible for the many elegant options available to you within the bold red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Syrah all feature a powerful and robust flavor. The intense, full-bodied pungency of these wines are best suited with highly umami, savory, and spicy dishes, such as red meat and heavy cheeses.


Other Wines

  • Sparkling – Almost all wine-producing regions in the world make their own sparkling wine as well. Using locally grown grapes, each bubbly bottle has its own distinct attributes. Generally light, crisp, and heavy in apple flavor, these sparkling creations are versatile when you are coring what to pair them with. Typically, sparkling wines are served with oily or salty foods, as they have a wonderful capacity for refreshing the pallet. This is a only a standard, though, and you can experiment with any sort of combinations you’d like!
  • Dessert – Dessert wines are perfect if you wish to make an elegant (and tasty) addition to any dinner or gathering. Sweet and aromatic, some popular dessert wines include Port, Sherry, and Ice Wine. You can certainly serve these wines with a number of sweet treats, such as chocolates and pastries, but these delicious fermentations are presented equally as well on their own!