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Wine Fermenters

If you're into home winemaking, look no further than E.C. Kraus for all your wine equipment needs. We have wine fermenters necessary for the primary and secondary fermentation process. Whether you're looking for primary fermenters, carboys, or winemaking accessories for fermenting, we have it right here. On top of fermenters, we carry fermenting bags, thermometers, and other accessories necessary for the different stages of fermenting. Our collapsible jugs work great for those who make wine in small batches or in partial batches. Our glass and plastic carboys work great for secondary fermentation. Whatever you need, E.C. Kraus has the wine equipment.

  • Carboys & Glass Jugs

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  • Collapsible Jugs

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  • Fermenter Accessories

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  • Primary Fermenters

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  • Stainless Steel Fermenters

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  • Wine Fermentation Bags

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