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Wine Additives

E.C. Kraus provides home winemakers with all of the wine ingredients they need to create stunning wine from home. We stock an array of wine additives you can use to add flavor and other qualities to your wine, enhancing its complexity. We have additives to adjust the acidity of the wine, to stabilize it and to clarify it. We also have wine tannin and yeast nutrients, which are essential to making wine. And try our dried berries and herbs, or our toasted oak chips, to add subtle flavor to your home winemaking creations. Stock up with us.
  • Acid Adjustment

    (7 Products)

  • Dried Berries & Herbs

    (25 Products)

  • Fining Agents / Clarifiers

    (6 Products)

  • Pectic & Starch Enzymes

    (2 Products)

  • Toasted Oak Chips

    (8 Products)

  • Wine Sulfites / Stabilizers

    (6 Products)

  • Wine Tannin

    (2 Products)

  • Yeast Nutrients

    (5 Products)