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KenRidge Classic Kits

KenRidge Classic Kits provides the highest quality juices to make anyone’s wine making experience memorable. Perfect options to match to any dinner party whether you are looking for a Port, Ice Vine White, Sherry, or Merlot look no further. KenRidge Classic Kits will provide you with the wine making juices that you need to have a memorable experience.

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  1. KenRidge Classic: Viognier

    KenRidge Classic: Viognier

    • A unique light-bodied white wine.
    • Famous for its exotic, spiced-floral bouquet.
    • Rich with a very fruity taste with notes of honey.
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    Price: $130.24 As low as: $117.22
  2. KenRidge Classic: Sauvignon Blanc

    KenRidge Classic: Sauvignon Blanc

    • A superb and full white wine.
    • Has light grass and tropical fruit aromas with a hint of oak.
    • Flavor is smooth and reminiscent of gooseberries and kiwi.
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    Price: $123.74 As low as: $111.37
  3. KenRidge Classic: Riesling

    KenRidge Classic: Riesling (Dry)

    • A very light and crisp white wine.
    • Floral and fruity aromas of apricots, pears and apples.
    • Sweet citrus flavors followed by a crisp, zesty finish.
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    Price: $126.26 As low as: $113.63
  4. KenRidge Classic: Chardonnay

    KenRidge Classic: Chardonnay

    • A medium-bodied white wine.
    • Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit and crisp green apple.
    • Also, subtle undertones of oak and a lemony finish.
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    Price: $131.85 As low as: $118.67
  5. KenRidge Classic: Cabernet / Shiraz

    KenRidge Classic: Cabernet / Shiraz

    • A blended red wine with rich fruit forward styling.
    • Rich black currant fruit flavors from Cabernet Sauvignon.
    • Has also blue plum and spice notes from Shiraz.
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    Price: $143.31 As low as: $128.98
  6. KenRidge Classic: Trilogy

    KenRidge Classic: Trilogy

    • A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Merlot.
    • Bold flavors of red berries, black fruit and a touch of spice.
    • A well balanced, fruit forward wine with very firm tannins.
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    Price: $140.48 As low as: $126.43
  7. KenRidge Classic: Merlot

    KenRidge Classic: Merlot

    • A full-bodied red wine with a touch of spice.
    • Has a gentle fruity bouquet with subtle hints of oak.
    • A soft, mellow character full of blackberries and strawberry.
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    Price: $131.80 As low as: $118.62
  8. KenRidge Classic: Cabernet Sauvignon

    KenRidge Classic: Cabernet Sauvignon

    • An easy drinking, deeply colored red wine.
    • Hints of spice with underlying tones of oak on the palate.
    • Packed with fruity black currant aromas and flavors.
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    Price: $140.39 As low as: $126.35
  9. KenRidge Classic: Valpolicella

    KenRidge Classic: Valpolicella

    • A well balanced, velvety-soft red wine.
    • Gentle aroma of cherries with a smooth texture.
    • Savory taste of plums.
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    Price: $136.06 As low as: $122.45

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