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Wine Thief: Stainless Steel / Suction Bulb

Item Number: THF210

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Price: $12.95
  • This wine thief is made of solid stainless steel, with a rubber suction blub.

  • It can quickly and easily extract a test sample of either your wine or beer.

  • The wine thief is very handy for filling your hydrometer test jar.

  • It also works well for taking smaller samples. Like those needed for running an acid or iodine test.

  • It's safe to use on high-alcohol samples. Won't melt or deteriorate.

  • You can even use it on high-heat samples. Like those needed when mashing your beer.

  • Maximum diameter of the wine thief's tube is 7/8".

  • Small enough to fit in the opening of wooden barrels, carboys, fermentation buckets, etc.

  • The wine thief also has a long reach. It's overall length with bulb is 18".

  • The stainless steel tube, by itself, is 15-3/4" long.

Customer Reviews

"terrific!" Review by professor kj (Posted on 3/20/14)

I was looking for a wine thief that was durable and finally found the right one at a reasonable price that is fitting the bill with the mant barrel tastings we have at Grape Expectations Nevada School of Winemaking. We will buy this product again. The service was quick and the quality excellent. kj howe

"Too Big" Review by lou (Posted on 11/19/13)

This is much larger than it looks and for pulling wine out of a carboy or a bucket this is simply much larger than it need be. To get a sample of wine or to fill a hydrometer tube you are better off with something smaller which can be found many kitchen departments.

"Outstanding products" Review by Michael... (Posted on 1/31/13)

My entire order came out perfect.

Michael White

"Usefulness to be determined later " Review by Sherm (Posted on 1/29/13)

All racking is complete. Use of W.T. will be determined next season.

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