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Wooden Fruit Crusher

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(FP110) Our Wooden Fruit Crusher is perfect for someone making 5-50 gallons of wine at a time. It will easily crush 80 to 100 pounds of fruit in an hour, making it a great little work-saver. It doesn’t matter if the fruit is big or small; just start cranking and the Wooden Fruit Crusher will do its work. This Wooden Fruit Crusher can crush blackberries, strawberries, grapes and even bigger fruits like apples and pears!

This Wooden Fruit Crusher is designed with a workout in mind! It’s made of select hardwoods for a longer lifespan and the rollers and gears are cast-aluminum, while the brushings are made of steel.

FP110 is easy to clean; the hopper can even be detached for cleaning and to expose all the inner workings. Just scrub it down and blast it with water!

Design: These crushingly strong rollers are specifically shaped to grab the fruit and process it to just the right consistency for making wine. This Wooden Fruit Crusher also has two cross-arms that allow it to sit perfectly on a 5 or 6 gallon bucket.

Details: This Wooden Fruit Crusher is 16-1/2” wide, 16-1/2” deep and 10-1/2” tall. The hopper is 10-1/2” x 10-5/8” at the top and can hold approximately 10 lbs. of fruit at a time. The cross arms are 16-1/2” long and the rollers are 5” across and approximately 2-1/2 inches wide.

Purchase this Wood Crusher along with our Table – Top Fruit Press and save $30!

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Q Colton (Bent, NM)
Where is the wooden fruit crusher made?
The wooden fruit crusher is made in Colombia.

Q Donald (Sierra Vista, AZ)
After crushing the grapes, how do I empty the crusher? Do I turn it sideways onto the press or is it open on the bottom and the crushed grapes consistently drop out of the bottom?
The crusher has an open bottom that the crushed fruit comes out of. You should have a food grade container under the crusher to catch the pulp.

Q Clayton (Remer, MN)
What are the rollers in this crusher made of?
The rollers on the wooden fruit crusher are made of cast-aluminum.

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