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Wyeast Liquid Beer Yeast: London ESB Ale / 1968

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(BY640-1968) The London ESB Ale produces a noticeably malty homebrew. Its lower attenuation also contributes to a more sweet, less dry, overall character. The flocculation level of this liquid beer yeast is extremely high. What this means, for you as a brewer, is that after the fermentation your beer will clear extremely fast. This fact makes it an extremely good choice if you are planing on cask conditioning your homebrew.

  • Flocculation: Very High
  • Attenuation: 67-71%
  • Temperature Range: 64-72F, 18-22C
  • Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 9% ABV

About Wyeast Beer Yeast:
These are "Direct Pitch Activators™" designed specifically for brewing beer at home. Each pouch contains 100% pure liquid beer yeast. Over 100 billion yeast cells are in each pouch. This is enough to easily ferment 5 gallons of homebrew. Also inside the pouch is an internal nutrient packet. This is the Wyeast Smack-Pack. By smacking and breaking open the nutrient pack within the pouch you are able to pre-start your beer yeast before adding it to your wort.

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