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Your Fruit! Wine Making Kit

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Your Fruit! Wine Making Kit comes with everything you need to make your own wine at home besides the fruit.

Your Fruit! (KT310) is ideal for someone who has the fruit but doesn’t know where to start. This wine making kit has all of the supplies you need to make just about any type of fruit wine imaginable in 5 gallon batches. This kit includes a fermenting container, straining bag, corks and basic wine making ingredients along with two wine recipe books containing over hundreds of recipes.

This kit is a great value for the winemaker just beginning to learn. You save over $50 by purchasing these items as a full kit!

This Wine Making Kit Contains:
First Steps In Winemaking Book
Winemaker`s Recipe Handbook
6 Gal. Screw-Top Poly-Fermenter
Fermentation Bag
Triple Scale Hydrometer
Siphoning Hose
5 Pkgs. Wine Yeast (5 batches)
1 oz. Pectic Enzyme (7 batches)
6 oz. Acid Blend (7 batches)
6 oz. Yeast Nutrient (7 batches)
4 oz. Yeast Energizer (7 batches)
2 oz. Wine Tannin (7 batches)
100 Campden Tablets (7 batches)
5 oz. CleanPro SDH (30 gals. Of Solution)
50 Wine Bottle Labels (2 batches)
30 Mushroom Corks (1 batch)
50 Heat Shrink Capsules (2 batches)

To add the fruit flavor to your wine check out our wine making juices or our acid blends. View our other beginner wine making kits.

Q Susan (Snoqualmie, WA)
We are interested in buying the Your Fruit Necesities Kit. However, we have a question. We are using raspberries and your recipe listed on the website calls for using ICV D47 Yeast. Can we select the type of yeast that comes in the kit?
Unfortunately it is not an option to select the type of yeast that comes in this wine making kit. The kit comes with Red Star Montrachet, which is an all purpose wine yeast that can be used on any type of wine.

Q Jo Ann (Newberry Springs, CA)
Does this kit include the bottles?
No, this wine making kit does not come with bottles. You may either recycle wine bottles you already have or you may purchase new bottles.

Q Mike (Beavercreek, OR)
When purchasing this starter kit "everything you need except fruit", will it be a complete kit? Do I need to buy any additional items such as Glass or plastic 5 gallon jug?
It is not necessary, but it is helpful. Throughout the wine making process, you will be racking the wine. Racking the wine is transferring it from one container to another and leaving the sediment behind. If you do not have another fermenter, you will have to put the wine in something while you clean and sanitize your container. You then would put the wine back into the fermenter that comes in the kit. Also, your wine will be dry when it is finished. If you want your wine to be sweet, you may add Wine Stabilizer (Potassium Sorbate) to put in at bottling time and sweeten the wine to taste with your own sugar or honey. Adding this product will prevent a refermentation. Alternately, you can get our Wine Conditioner which is a liquid sweetener and stabilizer combined

Q Andy (Moody, AL)
I`m thinking of ordering this home wine making kit. What I want to know is can I also make wine with your precanned juice or do I have to have the "Sun Cal Necessities Box" or the "California Connoisseur Box? I have muscadines at my home but may want to make other kinds of wine also. I want a kit that will do it all.
You can use the ingredients that come in the Your Fruit Necessities box for our SunCal brand. If you use it with one of the box kits, for example California Connoisseur, you will have to cut back on the water by 1/2 gallon to allow for the foaming because they are 6 gallon kits. Once you do your first racking, you then can add the water back. Some people choose not to add the 1/2 gallon of water back.

Customer Reviews

"apple wine" Review by kc (Posted on 10/4/15)

I love the kit but as a few other reviews state, there are no real directions as to how to use this kit specifically. The book is beautiful but don't give specific directions with things from this kit. Ughhh this is confusing!

"I would recommend the beginner's kit" Review by AJM (Posted on 8/23/15)

The beginners wine kit arrived quickly...contained all items it was supposed to. After reading all the material I used my own Muscadine Grapes and got started. The first hydrometer reading showed 1040. By following the instructions I was able to bring the reading up to 1090 for a wine of 12% Alcohol by Volume, a good table wine...not a hit and miss. I found the kit to contain all the basics and was easy to use. The quality was very good.

"Not exactly as expected" Review by Wyogal (Posted on 10/10/14)

For equipment kit marketed for beginners, this omitting a LOT of equipment info! What is the purpose of each piece in the process? Which stoppers fit into which carboys? Every item seems to have different units of measurement--what does a # whatever stopper fit? What are the other pieces I would need eventually? This is not easy--I wound up ordering some duplicate items because I thought they were different from what was in the kit

"I want what THEY bought" Review by still figuring it out (Posted on 8/1/14)

Equipment looks to be good quality and I WILL make it work, with the purchase of more equipment. My biggest gripe is that I would gladly trade the overpriced labels and the goofy book (First Steps in Winemaking) for a 2nd or 3rd airlock. Why do I hate the book? Here's a quote from p33: "...winemakers err because they do not understand the difference between sugar to the gallon and sugar in the gallon. To the gallon means that one takes a gallon of liquid and adds sugar to it, the resultant quantity being more than one gallon. In the gallon means that one takes a 1-gallon jar or measure, puts the sugar in and fills up to the 1-gallon mark. The latter system produces an exact gallon, and uses less sugar, of course." Doesn't he mean uses less water? The book is rife with confusion of that ilk. The purple booklet is much better and clearer for the beginner, but is meant for gallon-sized batches. Wouldn't it be nice to have a recipe book for the kit we bought? Ah, dare to dream...

My low rating is because I have a pet peeve about kits that are not really complete, forcing you to buy more to make it work. If it's not really a starter kit, don't sell it as such.

"Simple to use" Review by Brad (Posted on 3/18/14)

I'm on week 3 of my first batch and I am completely satisfied with this kit, however a racking cane and a carboy of some kind (even plastic ) would be an awesome addition even if you had to pay a few more bucks. Or at least having the choice to add them.

"Very pleased!" Review by Celly (Posted on 12/15/13)

Very pleased with my order. Packaged well. We are in the waiting process now. So we will see. Thank you,

"wine making kit" Review by hardankle1 (Posted on 10/24/13)

A great product. My first time making my own wine and I must say it's not as hard as I thought. We have 5 gallons each of apple and pear wine fermenting and 11 gallons of peach. So far so good!!

"lovin me some juice" Review by hillbilly (Posted on 6/24/13)

I have really enjoyed ordering from you guys. I'm just getting back into making wine again. I made 30 gallons a few years ago and everything I got came from yal. So it wasnt hard to figure out were I was gonna get my supplies this time to you guys are the best. I ordered your fruit wine kit and love it. Bout to be orderin some more fermentation buckets so I can get more juice brewin. I do have one question. I met another wine maker and we was sharing knowledge and he had a heater type banket that held the temp at a consistant 72 degrees I have searched and searched to no luck and can't find one could somebody please help lead me in the direction I need to find them... Temperature consistency is one of the top factors I believe in making great wine.any help would be greatly appreciated.. And just for the record I would and have recommended your winery to interest persons. Looking forward to a long relatioship and lots of good wine keep up the great work

"You Can Do This" Review by cmorg (Posted on 6/16/13)

I have bits & pieces from previous orders, but decided to order the kit so I would have everything necessary. Love IT! Love my hydrometer, the bucket & bag are the answer to many inadequate attempts, and all the nutrients are great to have. Your customer service is also TOP NOTCH! Tnank you - I will always order from Kraus!

"Great starter kit deal!" Review by BobbyP (Posted on 5/3/13)

This is a great starter kit! Everything is included even instructions! I started out making Luquat wine from the fruit and so far it has been a fun experience.

"Great Kit" Review by EdgarJ (Posted on 11/12/12)

I bought this kit in August. We have a great pear tree in our yard and have produced every pear dish and preserve you can think of and this year it hit us to try our hand at wine. We had no idea where to start and found E.C. Kraus via a Google search. We love the kit and our first batch of wine is about 2 weeks from bottling. We had 1 problem with our shipment; the hydro meter was broken, but you got another out to me within the same week. Thank you so much for the recipe book and the newsletter. One newsletter arrived just in time to teach me how to handle Racking and handling oxidation. Thanks again.

"easy" Review by Stu (Posted on 11/2/12)

Was happy with everything, the customer service, cost and how fast it arrived. It worked well, a lot better than the way I was doing it

"1st experience" Review by nkin (Posted on 10/23/12)

I purchased this kit to make raspberry honey wine, it was not clear that I would have to make 5 gallons with this kit. Needless to say I wasnt prepared to make 5 gallons, so I ended up purchasing a 1 gallon carboy with an additional lock. When I got the order the cap with the opening for the lock was missing. after calling the company they sent out the missing piece with-in a few days. Luckily I had a large glass jug to start my wine in and the delay did not put me behind schedule.
You do have to read both the recipe book and the wine making book to understand the steps necessary. My gallon of raspberry honeywine is on the second racking and I expect it will be ready just before christmas. i have sampled it and it was pretty good so far. I still have a lot to learn, but maybe by next year I will have the know how and go ahead and try making a 5 gallon batch.

"Great product" Review by Quilt lady (Posted on 10/19/12)

I have tried to make wine before without success. This is a great kit for the beginner and even the more experienced. Everything you need in the kit, except the grapes. I will surely use this for years and even thought of other kinds I can make once my scuppernong is finished.

"Great starter kit" Review by KZ (Posted on 10/5/12)

This is a great starter kit for the I do not have a clue. It walks you through every thing and helps you to understand exactly what to do. I have added to the kit some more carboys to make things easyer. It took some reading and time to understand how the whole thing works and this kit walks you through it. My first bach is almost done and is turning out great. Thank you E.C.Kraus.

"raspberry wine" Review by rinny (Posted on 9/21/12)

I got this kit in june to make wine with raspberries. I used recipe in the book and worked fine. Wine came out good. I have some elderberry brewing now. will be bottling soon and plan to make apple wine shortly. Have not had any issues with equipment and recipe book has lots of recipes. Lots of fun.

"Very good value. " Review by RJ (Posted on 9/20/12)

For a beginner its great, my only problem is reading the hydrometer, I have no clue how it works. The numbers mean nothing to me. I wished would just register Weak, Medium and Lets Party. Short of that Its worth the money.

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