What Goes Into A Beer?

The four essentials of any beer are: water, malt, hops and yeast. With these four brewing ingredients you can brew anything from a pale American lager to a black Russian Stout. It's all in how the ingredient are produced and how you use them in a beer recipe.

  • beer-ingredient-water.jpgWater: We'll start with this one first because this ingredient makes up most of your beer. From a beginner's standpoint, if you drink the water coming out of your tap, then you can make beer with it just fine... More >>

  • beer-ingredient-malt.jpgMalt: This is the ingredient that adds the body, color, sweetness and roasted flavors to a beer. As a homebrewer you can purchase the malt as an actual malted barley grain, or it can be purchased in malt extract syrup or powder... More >>

  • beer-ingredient-hops.jpgHops: This is where the bitterness comes from in a beer. A hop is a climbing plant that produces a hop flower, referred to as a cone. The cone is the part that is actually used in a beer recipe. It's boiled into the beer wort... More >>

  • beer-ingredient-yeast.jpgYeast: This is the ingredient that makes all the magic happen. Beer yeast are living organisms that are credited with making the alcohol in the beer. They do this by consuming the sugars in the beer wort and converting it into... More >>


How Do You Brew Beer? 

There are 3 different ways in which you can brew your own beer: extract brewing, partial-mash brewing and all-grain brewing. Each have their own advantages. Below is a review of each method. They are listed in order from easy-peasy to the most involved. See which one is right for you!


  • beer-ingredient-extract-brewing.jpgExtract Brewing: This is the simplest form of homebrewing. It is the ideal brewing method for beginning homebrewers. A minimal amount of time and effort is needed and only the very basic equipment is needed... More >>

  • beer-ingredients-partial-mash.jpgPartial-Mash Brewing: This type of brewing is great for someone who wants to get there hands a little more dirty than just extract brewing. Partial-mash brewing is similar to extract brewing, except for the addition of some malted barley grains early in the process... More>>

  • beer-ingredients-all-grain.jpgAll-Grain Brewing: All-grain brewing is brewing without any malt extracts. All the fermentable sugars are coming from malted barley grains, not malt extract. This type of brewing requires more time and a little more skill... More>>




What Do I Need To Brew Beer?

There are two ways you can go about this getting your homebrewing ingredients:beer-ingredients-1.jpg

  •  Find A Beer Recipe: Then purchase each of the specific items the recipe calls for, individually: malt extract, hops, specialty grains, beer yeast, etc. Each beer recipe will be very specific about what kind and how much to use of each beer ingredient. More>>

  • beer-ingredient-kit.jpgPurchase A Beer Ingredient Kit: Just like beer recipes, there are hundreds of these beer ingredient kits from which to choose. Each one make its own unique style of beer: American Light, Red Ale, Irish Stout, etc. All the ingredients you need for each style of beer come pre-measured, along with a recipe and complete directions. More>>

homebrewing-equipment.jpgHOMEBREWING EQUIPMENT:

Unless you are planning on making your first batch of beer as an all-grain brewer, the equipment you need to make a batch of beer is not not that extensive, nor is it that expensive. A surprisingly short list of items will get you going just fine. You'll need things like: fermenters, a capper, stirring spoon, siphon hose, etc. Here's a list of homebrewing equipment you will needed. More>> 


Beer Brewing Kit:

kt212lg.jpgOne very simple way to get started is with a beer brewing kit. By purchasing everything as a kit, not only will you get a better value, but you will be sure to have everything you need.

We call our beer brewing kit the Steam Freak Beermaking Starter Kit. It has all the items you will need to brew your very first batch of beer — including the ingredients for creating the beer of your choice. The only items you will need is a cooking pot large enough to boil 2 or 3 gallons and beer bottles. More>>




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